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Black Dragon Naginata by By The Sword, Inc.

  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Naginata With Black Traditional War Blade
  • Oriental Sword

Stainless Steel Dragon Head Guan Dao by BLP

  • Triangle Bottom
  • Breaks down to 2 pieces for easy carrying
  • Dragon Head

Tiger Claw Wushu Steel Kwandao by Tiger Claw


Chinese sword,Kwan Dao(Stainless steel hand-made,Two wood rods/Brass faucet shape)Chinese martial arts by Kung Fu

  • Material:Stainless steel;Sword Type:Handmade;
  • Length:Full 78" (200cm),With head length 23"(59cm);
  • Stainless steel:means weak corrosive medium of air, steam, water...

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