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Long Weapon - Dragon Head Kwan Dao by Tiger Claw

  • Top quality shows proud of workmenship.
  • This Kwan Dao has a beautifully cast solid brass Dragon Head fittings.
  • Comes with durable, custom-fitted, black nylon carrying case.

Loong sword Chinese sword,Guandao,Kwan Dao(High carbon steel blade) Hand Forged by Loong sword

  • Condition:Brand New;Origin:Longquan Zhejiang...
  • Blade Material:High carbon steel,Surface etched pattern; Sword...
  • Uses:Collection,Home furnishing articles,Practice Chinese Kung...

Kung Fu Chinese sword,Guandao,Kwan Dao(High manganese steel blade) Length 53" by Kung Fu

  • Condition:Brand New;Origin:Longquan Zhejiang...
  • Package weight:3kg;Length:Full 53"/137cm,With head length 21"/55cm
  • Rod:Steel,surface black process;Scabbard:No



Chinese Sword,Kwan Dao(High Manganese Steel Blade) Length 84" by Loong sword

  • Uses:Collection,Home furnishing articles,Practice Chinese Kung...
  • Accessories:Cotton sword bag.No wood stand
  • Approximately:Package weight:4.9kg; Length:Full 84",With head...



Kung Fu Chinese Sword,Kwan Dao(Stainless Steel Hand-Made,Two Wood rods/Brass Faucet Shape) Chinese Martial Arts by Kung Fu

  • Rod:Wood,Divided into two sections,spiral binding
  • Blade Material:Stainless steel
  • About:Package weight:3kg;Length:Full 78",With head length 23"

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