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Pudao Co Brands China's Most Famous Pursue Brand 5+ years aged Puer Pu Erh Tea at checkout by PuDao

  • Aged from 2008 (The longer the age, the better the pu erh tea) the...
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Shaolin Kungfu Nine Ring Pudao 2 Piece by KungfuDirect

  • Overall length - 72-76 inches
  • Blade length - 21 inches
  • Weight - 2.9 -3.9 lbs

Shaolin Kungfu Nine Ring Pudao 2 Piece by KungfuDirect

  • Blade length - 21 inches
  • Overall length - 72-76 inches
  • Weight - 2.9 -3.9 lbs

KungfuDirect Dragon Head Stainless Steel Pudao - Two Piece by KungfuDirect

  • Blade width - 4.75" at widest point
  • Blade length - 24 inch
  • Assembled weight - 6 lbs

KungfuDirect Wushu Shaolin 2 Piece Pudao Wenge Wood by KungfuDirect

  • 2 Piece for easy travel
  • Flexible blade
  • Includes Case as shown


Seller: Patriot Outfitters Guns Patriot Outfitters Guns

The Chinese Pudao, originally an infantry weapon, has been adopted into the martial arts and its use in the hands of a skilled practitioner is spectacular. The Pudao is a weapon to be coveted by infantry of old and modern martial artists alike. The high-carbon tempered steel blade has an aggressive distal taper to promote quickness and balance and a long tang for strength, while the oak staff...


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    04/24/16 ,via

    WORMERVEER - Traditionele kung fu-school Xin Yi heeft goede zaken gedaan tijdens de sterk bezette Chin Woo Cup in het Duitse Bochum. Shen van Dijk won goud op de wapenvorm 'dubbele tijgerhaken' en pakte ook nog eens zilver en brons, 

  • Coppa Italia Wushu Kung Fu: tre atleti teatini conquistano l'Oro a Zola Predosa

    04/21/16 ,via Chietitoday

    Sono ben due le medaglie conquistate da Alberto di Muzio: un Bronzo in Shaolin (stile HeiHuQuan, Black Tiger) e un prestigioso Oro in Shaolin Pudao (alabarda) nella categoria Seniores. Successo anche per Roberta Palma che ha vinto la medaglia Oro nel 

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    Last month, New York-based distributor Alliance Cigar began shipping its Foyle Meritage Collection, which is composed of three box-pressed versions of its Meteor Hammer cigar, a 6 1/2 x 52 double perfecto. Each 27-count box contains nine cigars covered 

  • Jefford on Monday: Wine in China on our minds

    10/05/15 ,via

    Marcus Ford of Shanghai-based importer and retailer Pudao Wines agrees. “Three or four years ago, the majority of wine-purchasing decisions weren't made by the person who was going to drink the wine. Nowadays, the majority of purchasing decisions are 

  • Winners announced at Wine Australia China awards

    11/13/15 ,via The Drinks Business

    Online giant, Amazon won the best online retailer and City Shop and Pudao Wines were recognised as the best offline retailer with both categories sponsored by Swan Wine Group. Finally, the Barossa Wine School Educator award was given to James Dai, 


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  • Cold Steel 88SCFD Heavy Duty Sword Cane 37-1/2" Overall

    I had read all of the past reviews and was prepared for what to expect; the rattle of the sword in the sheath, dried / broken o-rings, hard to pull the sword out and slippery cane tip.. What I received instead was darn near perfect. The o-rings are in ...

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    Jebsen Fine Wines spoke to for our exclusive interview series on life inside China’s wine trade. Topics include Hong Kong versus free trade zones in China, Bordeaux en primeur and China’s changing market. Amazon China speaks ...


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Podao - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Chinese weapon known as the [podao] pudao (simplified Chinese: 朴刀; traditional Chinese: 樸刀; pinyin: pú dāo) was originally an edged infantry weapon ...

Pudao - Chinese Polearm - Paul Chen Hanwei

The Chinese Pudao, originally an infantry weapon, has been adopted into the martial arts and its use in the hands of a skilled pract


The Chinese weapon known as the podao (Chinese: 朴刀) was originally an edged infantry weapon which is still used for training in many Chinese martial ...

Paul Chen Hanwei Pudao

Battle ready pudao made by Paul Chen Hanwei with hand forged high carbon steel blade

Opinions on Podao
Opinions on Podao
Pudao - Chinese Polearm - Paul Chen Hanwei
Pudao - Chinese Polearm - Paul Chen Hanwei
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